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This area is for the Proactive Personality. Here you can (and are encouraged to) Praise, Gripe, Brag, Pontificate, Dump, Analyse, Evaluate, anything except just plain read. You must contribute something just to let everyone know we are here. Make a noise. Support the aviation community!

Forums, discussion groups and other interactive information for the aviator. Discussions on Products, Vendors, Events, Aircraft and Warstories or favorite stories. The information here is personal and is provided by you, the aviator. Also, please be sure to sign our guest book.

Comparing Aviation Products

An open discussion of features, merits and drawbacks of Aviation Products by product category, vendor and model by the aviators who used them.

Look here before you buy. Search this forum for other pilot's experience with a particular product. Do your comparison shopping with other aviators.

Describe your experiences with a particular product here. Tell us all what you liked and didn't like about the model you used. Help other aviators make the best buy decision.

Experiences with Vendors, Suppliers and Manufacturers

Look here before you buy. Will you be treated with dignity by the manufacturer? What can you expect in the way of service and support? What do other aviation customers say?

Share your Vendor experiences with other aviators. Give us the good news as well as the bad.

Help with Aviation

Come here to ask the flying community for help with an aviation problem. Where can I find a part? Where can I take a hot date on a daytrip? Ask for Help or answer questions and give help.

Aviation Adventures, War Stories and other White Lies

Veracity at a premium. True adventures by the Aviators who lived them. Come on, don't be shy. Tell us your 'war' stories. Brag a little (just a little).

Political Intrigue

Unfortunately, politics is sometimes necessary. For example, when we need to save an airport; Elect an Aviation friendly political canidate; Keep congress from picking our pockets when we're in the air. We now have a forum for discussion and organization.

Aviation Fun

Fun places to fly and fun things to do when you get there. Fun ideas. Fun you've had at events. Fun events you'ld like to see. Organize an event of you own, e.g. - A Poker Run Fly-In. What's your idea?

For Pilots Only

Every pilot has written at least one poem. While not literary masterpieces, they all came from the soul of the pilot. That spot all pilots know and share. The place inside us where the love of the sky sits with folded wings and baited breath awaiting the next opportunity to be aloft.

It is often a feeble attempt to express the unbounded joy only pilots understand.

There is not a pilot, dead or alive, who has not been so moved by some flight or other that he has failed to write a poem. These are our poems. For pilots only.

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